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Brown Discharge Pregnancy

Discharge Symptoms & Causes & Detection

Brown Discharge During Pregnancy

What Does Discharge Look Like in Early Pregnancy?

Brown Discharge Pregnancy: During the early stages of your pregnancy, you may observe an increase in your normal vaginal discharge. It becomes thin and clear or whitish and has a mild smell and is known as leukorrhea. It is triggered by estrogen and an increase in blood flow. It increases as the pregnancy progresses and usually continues throughout pregnancy.

There may also be small amounts of a brown vaginal discharge; it consists of old blood, which gives it its brownish color.

Why Does Vaginal Discharge Occur During Pregnancy?

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy occurs as a result of increased levels of estrogen, which boost the blood flow to your pelvic area and help to stimulate your mucous membranes. The discharge is a way of ridding the body of bacteria and preventing infections. It keeps the vagina at a normal healthy pH level and does away with dead cells.
Changes to the cervix may contribute to vaginal discharge during pregnancy. As a result of the softening of the cervix and vaginal wall, the body produces excess discharge to help safeguard against infection.

Your cervix is extra sensitive during pregnancy, so you may notice light spotting after sex.

As your baby’s head presses against the cervix toward the end of pregnancy, an increase in vaginal discharge may occur.

Types of Vaginal Discharge That Are a Cause for Concern

Early signs of pregnancy discharge

Some types of vaginal discharge are signs of abnormal conditions in pregnancy.

Bacterial Infection: A smelly discharge may be a sign of a vaginal infection known as bacterial vaginosis.
Yeast Infection:

Yeast inhabits the vagina in all women, but pregnancy creates the perfect conditions for infections due to yeasts. One sign of these infections is a thick yellow or white discharge. There is also itching, soreness, redness, and inflammation of the vagina.

Some women experience painful urination and pain during sexual intercourse. If you notice any of these signs, consult your health care specialist for immediate treatment with an antifungal cream.

You can avoid yeast infections by

• Adding yogurt to your diet to promote healthy bacteria
• Wearing cotton underwear
• Wearing loose clothes that let you breathe
• Washing and drying your genitals after using the toilet

Sexually Transmitted Disease: A yellowish discharge may be caused by gonorrhea. A foamy yellow or green discharge may indicate trichomoniasis. A discharge with a strong odor may be a sign of a chlamydial infection. These three infections can also cause painful urination. Having a sexually transmitted disease during pregnancy can lead to preterm labor and uterine infection after delivery. Some organisms that cause these diseases may pass through the placenta and infect the fetus. If you know you have a sexually transmitted disease, see your physician for immediate treatment. Antibiotics can safely cure these diseases.

Second Trimester Pregnancy - A Guide of What, Why, When? Pregnancy MOTHER.COM MOTHER Mother | Pregnancy | Baby | Kids | Motherhood | Parenting
Brown Discharge Pregnancy

Dealing with Brown Discharge During Pregnancy

You will be experiencing discharges all through your pregnancy, and it is imperative that you know how to deal with them. Do not use tampons or douches because they can increase the risk of infection. Wear panty liners or underwear that can absorb the discharge. They can be quite helpful with the frequent bladder leaks that will occur, as well.

Once a woman gets pregnant, hormones play an important role in her vaginal discharge. So be very observant and note changes when they occur. Report anything like a brown discharge during pregnancy that doesn’t seem right to your doctor, and ask your doctor questions as to what is normal and what is not.

Discharge Bleeding – Brown Discharge Pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy can be a sign of miscarriage. It may also be spotting, which is pinkish or brownish mild bleeding from cervical irritation during sex or a vaginal exam. Redness, itchiness, and a strong smell are signs of possible problems.

Whatever the cause may be, consult your physician if you notice any brownish discharge so it can be checked and treated if necessary.

When to Call the Doctor About a Vaginal Discharge

As your pregnancy progresses and you notice any discharge, whether thick or thin, consult your physician, as it could be a sign of preterm labor or other complications.

Medical Info for Pregnancy Discharge

Brown Discharge Pregnancy

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